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Upcoming Courses and how to Book a Course

Upcoming Courses

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Booking courses with Teesside First Aid

ProTrainings or TQUK (Regulated) Course?

When you are booking courses with us which one do you choose? Due to continuous changes in the first aid industry the HSE, Ofqual and the Skills for Health no longer approve qualifications as they set standards, requirements and polices for first aid and ask all certifying and awarding bodies to meet their requirements by their course content, learning outcome and objectives. The difference regarding the two qualifications is that one comes from a certifying body (ProTrainings) and the other an awarding body (TQUK) and it will be up to the delegates preference on what qualification they request. The syllabus, however, for both is the same.

Paying for a course:

All online training videos require immediate payment when you book them. For classroom courses I will send out an invoice and there will be a PayPal link on the invoice to pay securely via your PayPal account or I accept any major debit/credit chip/PIN card as well. I am afraid I do not accept cheques. Receipts will be issued via email as a paid invoice. Please note that due to recent time wasters who have booked and not turned up for a class, I now require payment in full before the class begins.

Ad-hoc Dates Course:

If you are looking for a course to be run and the dates are not listed on the website, then please get in touch, then we can set up the course up for you on a mutually acceptable date; then just follow the procedure for booking onto a pre arranged course.

Classroom Course:

All my pre planned classes are listed on my website here. To book on a course simply: 1. Click the course you want to attend 2. Check the details, price, location and dates of the course. 3. Click on the red “Reserve your seat” button 4. Fill in the required information for the booking form – please make sure this is accurate as this is the name that will appear on any certificates. 5. Wait for an email with the confirmation to be sent. 6. Turn up and attend the class and pay for it! 7. Sit back, relax and enjoy your course.

Online Courses:

I offer a 10% discount on all the online/e-learning courses. You simply put UK-HPBNJO into the box asking for the “Corporate Code” and this will give you the discount. This is a fairly easy process. You choose the online course you want to, lets say Day 1 of the Paediatric First Aid Blended Course. So you click on the course tab for the Paediatric Blended Course – 1 Day Course – Ofsted Approved and in there you will see the paragraph that says…”This is the classroom-only part 2 of a 2-part blended course. Before taking this course, you MUST complete the online course.”, so you then click on the online course link which takes you to the website where you register and pay for the online course. The link you click already has a code in it to link you to my account so I know who has purchased the course and in this instance will then need a day in the classroom to complete the Paediatric First Aid Course for Ofsted.   The other way of doing an online course is to click on the “e-Learning” tab and click on a video that you wish to train on from the widgets at the lower part of the screen. Simply click on the box for the course you want and then register and pay for the course.

Group/Company/Corporate Online Courses

If you are a company and you want to bulk buy a set number of online courses then I do this via a customer dashboard. There are discounts for group/bulk buying of a course please ask for more details. For example, say you want a large group of you employees to all be trained in Basic First Aid then you would send me an email with your requirements and I would then set up an administration log-in for the person in your company that is going to administer this. You would be given a log into my online corporate website and your company admin can add the names and email addresses of the people that are to take the course. The system then sends the trainees an email with their own personal log in details and information on how to complete the course. The larger the amount of course videos you buy the larger the discount. Certificates can be printed out and downloaded, and you as the company/group admin can keep track of who has completed the course, you can issue reminder emails for when their retraining is due and this is all automatically done by the system.